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 Milestones and Achievements

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PostSubject: Milestones and Achievements   Tue Jul 12, 2011 6:33 pm


  • PW Featured Clan
  • 2007, Server Warlords Top 4 (Battle for Jade Nightingale)
  • 2008, Dynasty Wars Champion (Davao Leg)
  • 2008, Server Finalist Top 4 (Phoenix Council Wars)
  • 2008, Top 2 Jade Warlords (Phoenix Council Wars)
  • 2009, Territorial Wars Top 4 (Phoenix Council Wars)
  • 2009, Jade Warlords Top 3 (Phoenix Council Wars)
  • 2010, Dynasty Wars Champion (Davao Leg)
  • 2010, Top 4 Server Finalist (Phoenix Council Wars)
  • 2010, Top 4 Jade Warlords (Phoenix Council Wars)
  • 2011, Featured Player - Wizdane (Lotus)
  • 2011, 1st Place ‘Summer Get Together’ Video Contest
  • 2011, Overall Champion Hop to the New Year Pyrolympics

Zhu Xian Online Ph

  • Featured Clan Warlords: Lotus
  • Members of ZX Emissaries
  • 1st to Conquer Bastion of Heaven
  • 1st Level 5 Clan
  • Awarded as one of the Top Guilds in ZX (two times)
  • Recognition for Active Game Participation (in-game & IRL)
  • Champions, Wrath of the Emperor Tournament (Domination IV)

Heroes of Three Kingdoms (HOTK Int’l)

  • Recognized as one of the Top Guilds (2010)

Battle of Immortals Ph

  • One of the guilds with Top Players in the server
  • One of the Top Guilds in the server

Legend of Martial Arts Ph

  • One of the Overall Top Guilds in LOMA
  • Current holder of Southborder Territory (one of the two opened territories)

Forsaken World Ph - CBT Phase

  • 2nd Established Guild in CBT
  • First Level 2 Guild in CBT
  • Top Ranking Guild in CBT
  • Recognized as one of the tight guilds in Forsaken World Ph
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Milestones and Achievements
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