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 Forsaken World PH OBT Details Released!

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PostSubject: Forsaken World PH OBT Details Released!   Tue Jul 12, 2011 4:03 pm

Date Posted: July 12, 2011

Hello Everyone,

We've been getting a lot of feedback feedback regarding the OBT date and
are really excited to bring you what to expect when OBT arrives! We've
been focusing on the latency issue our players faced during CBT and are
glad to report that the latency will be greatly reduced during OBT. Stay tuned for more OBT updates!

Level Cap: Level 59
Timed Events: All timed events below level 60 will be available!

New maps:

Lunar Silva (Level 40+)
Once populated by the Elves, Lunar Silva had been
utterly destroyed by the invading army of Dysil. As the remaining Elves
struggle to rebuild their homeland, an ancient human-serpent race
secretly emerged from oblivion vowing to conquer Lunar Silva, a land
that once belonged to their ancestors.

Bleak Woods (Level 50+)
The very name of Bleak Woods is enough to instill fear
in the heart of men. Expect to see cruel and abominable creatures here
and rejoice if you are lucky enough to get out of this place alive.

Hazy Lands (Level 50+)
Hazy Lands has now become a forgotten land. Yet this
desolated place was once the seat of the mighty kingdom of Alencia. New
races appeared in this once proud kingdom. After savage battles, the
kingdom finally fell into the hands of invaders from a distant land.
After countless moons, this place has already faded away from the memory
of men.

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Forsaken World PH OBT Details Released!
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